Streaming Content vs Traditional Cable

According to Nielsen™ the average cable user watches less than 10% of the channels available to them, and many consumers feel they are paying increasingly higher cable or satellite TV bills for channels they don't watch. This fact has contributed to a movement known as cord cutting. This is where consumers seek alternatives to traditional television or cable service, typically via the Internet. Many of Plexicomm's customers are cord cutters.

Depending on household needs, there are certainly factors to consider when deciding to participate in the cord cutting trend, but it's largely being driven by high cable bills, the lack of à la carte programming, and the numerous streaming content options now available. That being said, many households are perfectly content using both cable and streaming services.

Get More Out of Your Entertainment

Whether you're a cord cutter or not, streaming technology allows your family to view the programming they want to watch, when they want to watch it. This is referred to as on demand programming and our high-speed fiber network package will enable your streaming devices of choice such as Fire Stick™, Chromecast™, Roku™, Android™, SlingTV™, Hulu™ or AppleTV™ to perform at a high level.

Zero Risk and No Surprises

In today's business environment many companies in the industry have adopted practices which cap data usage or slow down your internet speeds when a monthly data threshold has been reached. You will see statements to this effect on promotional materials or service agreements, usually buried within very small print.

At Plexicomm we do not put a cap on data usage and we do not slow down your internet speed on the basis of reaching a monthly limit. So your family can watch as much YouTube™ or Netflix™ 4K streaming content as they desire and you won't be surprised by a large bill or experience the frustration caused by degraded performance. And as always, you may cancel at questions asked.