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Owego Little League Under the Lights!

Owego Little League Under the Lights!

By Jackie Prager

VILLAGE OF OWEGO (WBNG) --- Owego Little League took to the field Friday night in the first game of the fall program. The game marked the first time in its 66 year existence that they are playing under stadium lights. Five fields at Hyde Park will be getting stadium lights installed.

These lights come from grants awarded by Fannie Hyde Trust, Floyd Hooker Foundation, and Plexicomm LLC.

The little league program is free for those who play and the organization has programs for all ages ranging from four-years-old to seniors.

Dick Franz has been with the league since it originated. He was at a loss for words when he tried to speak about how it's been to watch the league evolve over the years.

"It's been a constant progression and a constant parade of kids that you have pride in, I just have pride in the kids," Franz said.

Varsity baseball coach at Owego Free Academy, Phil Schofield, said the installment of the lights shows the hard work of the community.

"For the community, the idea of getting lights for kids to play baseball under the lights, there's nothing better. Growing up as a kid, having that feeling of being under the lights, it makes you feel like a big leaguer and I think it's an experience that the people in Owego have been hoping to have for a very long time and I think now that these kids are finally getting it, it's really the hard work of the community. I think it's a great experience for the kids to have this for years to come," said Schofield.