Information submitted below is not used for any purpose other than to determine whether your location falls within our general service range, and of course to contact you regarding the results. Your address is needed by the map for a rough starting location and is not shared or used for any other reason. This tool generates a report to Plexicomm that contains a probable estimate of availability based on our latest coverage data models. When your submission completes, a dynamically generated graphical map overlay of these theoretical coverage areas is displayed for your reference. Plexicomm's sales technicians will inform you of both the fixed wireless and fiber optic options that are available to you.

Note that there are limitations to this tool and often times more analysis is required by our staff to reach an accurate and complete conclusion. Your submission allows us to perform any extra checks or manual verifications ahead of contacting you about an actual site survey. It also helps us to gauge interest in specific geographical areas that are not currently serviced but could be considered in the future.



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