Plexicomm provides digital phone service. This is technically referred to as Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP for short. This technology does not change how you use your phone, we simply install a converter that will send your phone conversations through your existing internet connection instead of over the traditional phone lines. You don't even need to change your phone number.

And best of all you'll get a lower fixed monthly rate with unlimited minutes and no long distance charges. So you can call anyone, anytime, anywhere in the US and Canada with no increase in your bill. International calling can be added for an additional monthly fee. And our package is loaded with FREE features that are either not available with traditional phone service or require an additional cost.


  •   FREE Caller ID
  •   FREE Voicemail to E-Mail
  •   FREE Call Transfer
  •   FREE Call Forwarding
  •   FREE 3-way Calling
  •   FREE Last Call Return
  •   FREE Auto-Redial
  •   FREE Caller Blocking
  •   FREE Block Anonymous Calls
  •   FREE Caller ID Blocking
  •   No Contract!
  •   30-day Money-back Guarantee
$25.00Subject to taxes & fees.
- Typically $4 -


  •   We can transfer your existing telephone number to your new service
  •   During installation, please provide a copy of your last phone bill
  •   You MUST maintain your previous service until the transfer has completed
$25.00One Time Fee (Due at installation)