This FAQ covers some common questions asked by prospective customers looking into Plexicomm services.

How does the 'fixed-wireless' network work?

The Subscriber Module (SM) is the subscriber termination unit (like a cable or DSL modem). SM's are generally located on the roof where they can see the tower site. Multiple access points (AP) at our towers can handle hundreds of customers. The SM is connected to your computer or router via a single Ethernet cable and powered with a small AC adapter.

What is the range of the system?

The range of our system is determined by a number of technical and environmental factors. Additionally we can employ a variety of specialty antennas to increase the range and signal level in various locations. Some of the technology we employ does not require strict line of sight to the tower. Typically we can cover over 10 miles from each of our 30 towers in the area. We have created a wide variety of survey tools which allow us to predict if service may or may not work at a specific location. However, there is always a chance our installer will get on site and find that the signal level is slightly stronger or weaker than predicted. A signal that is too weak will prevent the service from being installed.

What are some of the requirements to get Plexicomm's service?

A computer with a wired or wireless Ethernet adapter (Network Interface Card). A router is recommended, preferably with built-in Wi-Fi. Your location must be within range of one of our towers and you must be able to give permission and access for our installers to set up the necessarily equipment at your location to capture the wireless signal from our towers.

What exactly is involved in the installation of Plexicomm's service?

Our office will schedule an install for your home or business location. You will not be charged we if we cannot make the initial connection. Using a test instrument, our installer will test the link quality before installation. If the link tests OK, we will collect any installation fee at that time. The antenna will be installed and a small cable is run into the interior of the premises and connected to a small power supply box (a Power over Ethernet - or PoE Injector). Your computer and/or router are configured and you're all set. If you have rented a router from us it will be provided at the time of install. If you wish to provide your own router we ask that you have it available at the premises during the install.

This is "wireless"? Why do you have to drill a hole through my wall?

The wireless service we offer is considered wireless because the signal between you and Plexicomm requires no physical cable stretched from our data-center to your home or office.

Will I need a phone line or extra phone line for your service?

No. Our service does not require a phone line at your home or office. However, we can provide internet (Voice-over-IP) phone service over our network.

Is there anything I can do to fix my wireless connection before I contact technical support?

Check all cables connected to your computer and be sure they are plugged in. Restart your computer and all wireless equipment. You'll need to unplug/plugin devices that do not have a power switch. Scan your computer for viruses. If these basic steps do not bring your computer back online contact Plexicomm technical support.

I already have an E-mail account and don't want to change my E-Mail address.

Many E-Mail providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc are not tied to your internet provider. You will be able to continue to access your E-Mail on these systems.

If your E-Mail is provided by your current internet provider you will lose that address when you change services. Some companies may allow you to opt for email forwarding for a short period of time. If you lose your E-Mail this way we can provide you with one.

My information is being sent over "airwaves", is this safe?

This technology is also VERY difficult to intercept and decrypt without expensive equipment. Unlike Wi-Fi or Cellular technology where the signals are transmitted in all directions, our signal is sent over a refined, elevated sector of airspace. It would be impractical to attempt to intercept data in such a manner, and even then it would be encrypted and disjointed.

All traffic from our transmission site to your PC is transmitted with a proprietary protocol that is not easily intercepted. This adds an equivalent protection level to being wired directly into a network.

I am within your coverage area but was told I cannot get service, why?

The technology used to provide wireless service uses microwave frequencies to communicate. These frequencies require "line of sight", in other words, the antenna needs to be able to "see" the transmission site to be able to communicate.

Trees, buildings, topography and other obstructions can prevent a signal from getting to you. We are always adding sites to better service "shadowed" areas, and we will retain your information and contact you when we can provide a solution.

In some areas we do employ a type of technology that is more dependent on directionality (pointing in the direction of the tower) than full line of sight ("seeing" the tower). However, even in those cases we have standards of quality that have to be adhered to, and there are just some cases where the signal levels are not strong enough.

Is there a limit on how much data I can transfer per month?

No. There are no bandwidth caps or limitations with any of our plans.

How do I connect multiple computers to the connection?

Plexicomm Field Technicians will install a single Ethernet connection inside your home or office. If you have more than one computer or device you will need to purchase a Wi-Fi router or rent one from Plexicomm. The router acts as a splitter, allowing multiple computers/phones/tablets to be plugged in directly or wirelessly.

Will weather affect my service?

As a general rule weather and even severe storms will not cause degradation in the service level.

How is Plexicomm's 'fixed-wireless' Internet access different from a dial-up service?

Unlike dial-up, our service is always on. This means that there is no dialing, no waiting, and no need for a second phone line. In fact, our service doesn't require a phone line at all. There is also a dramatic difference in speed. Fixed wireless is many times faster than dial-up service.

How long will it take to set up my service?

We can typically get your installation scheduled within several days of placing an order. Expect the full process to be around 2 hours. This is to complete the site survey, installation, and verify that the quality of your connection is up to Plexicomm standards.