Voice-over-IP (VoIP) phone systems offer numerous feature and cost advantages over traditional systems like PBX. The up-front investment will vary based on a company's needs, but once installed you'll enjoy a predictable flat rate monthly fee at just $25 per line. Plexicomm's Business VoIP Phone service is highly flexible and can integrate with any existing phone system.

Our skilled technicians can help:
  •   Upgrade any sized business with a fully customized VoIP system.
  •   Integrate an existing PBX system by switching the incoming trunk lines over to VoIP.
  •  Install an analog to digital converter (SIP Trunk) that bridges existing analog phones to the internet.

Business Phone Pricing


  •   Unlimited Long Distance to US & Canada
  •   Unlimited Local Calling
  •   FREE Voicemail (100 Msg Storage)
  •   FREE Voicemail to E-Mail
  •   FREE Caller ID
  •   FREE Call Transfer (Blind Transfer and Consulted Transfer)
  •   FREE Call Forwarding (All Calls, When Busy, No Answer modes)
  •   FREE 3-way Calling
  •   FREE Last Call Return
  •   FREE Auto-Redial
  •   FREE Caller Blocking
  •   FREE Block Anonymous Calls
  •   FREE Caller ID Blocking (Private Line)
  •   30-day Money-back Guarantee
$25.00Subject to taxes & fees
-Typically $4 -


  •   We can transfer the phone numbers from your current telephone service
  •   During installation, please provide a copy of your last phone bill
  •   You MUST maintain your previous service until the transfer has completed
$25.00One Time Fee (Due at installation)