Step 1

You will need to log into Windows 8 Mail with a Microsoft Account first to be able to unlock the ability to add additional accounts. Please refer to the documentation that came with your Windows 8 system or contact the system manufacturer to get assistance in setting up a Microsoft account.

Once you have set up a Microsoft Account and logged in you will need to add your Plexicomm e-Mail account.

First, swipe your mouse pointer into the lower right-hand corner of the screen. When the menu appears, select 'Settings'.

Step 2

On the Settings screen, select 'Accounts'..

Step 3

On the Accounts screen you should see your Microsoft Account listed. Click on 'Add an account'.

Step 4

On the Add an account screen you'll see options for the type of account you want to set up. Click on 'Other Account'.

Step 5

Here you can enter the e-Mail address and password that Plexicomm has provided you with. Then select 'Show more details'. Do not select 'Connect' at this time.

Step 6

The final screen will allow you to enter the technical details to set-up your account. Enter the information as show in the image below. Your Username is simply the first part of your e-Mail address, the section before the @ symbol.

Once you have completed entering the information click 'Connect'. You should be returned to the inbox and your setup is complete.