Fixed Wireless Internet Connection

Plexicomm's state-of-the-art fixed wireless technology allows our network to deliver fast, reliable broadband Internet connectivity. Fixed wireless is different from other wireless technologies you might be used to like WiFi or Cellular. WiFi and Cellular networks are built to anticipate that one end of the connection might be moving around. Due to this restriction the connections are slower and less reliable than traditional wired broadband connections. However, with a fixed wireless network both the tower and the receiving antenna are mounted on fixed locations rather then one end being mobile. We can even focus our antenna's to pick up a stronger wireless signal. This fixed, directional antenna set up allows us to deliver reliable connections with broadband speeds and low latency.

You may also be familiar with satellite TV and Internet. That is also a fixed system. However, with Plexicomm's network our telecomm towers are only transmitting a signal over a few miles - not through the entire earth's atmosphere. The shortened distance and higher level of focus makes Plexicomm's broadband Internet service far superior to anything satellite can offer.

You can learn more about Plexicomm's network and equipment by visiting the Our Technology page.

A Typical Installation

Plexicomm's standard installation typically involves one of two types of antenna units. The first configuration uses a small 24" reflector dish with the radio receiver unit mounted on an arm as seen in the picture to the right. Another unit is simply a 9" x 9" x 4" white square box that attaches to a small arm that grips the mounting bracket.

The antenna unit is then mounted to the roof of the subscriber. From the radio an Ethernet cable is run down the exterior of the building and brought into the interior of the unit. The customer is then able to plug the Internet connection into their router, computer, or other Internet device to receive Internet data connectivity.

Plexicomm technicians are trained and equipped with the tools to tackle just about any situation. Consult with your technician to understand the full requirements of your particular installation.