NextGen Technology Delivers Carrier-Class Broadband

Plexicomm uses cutting edge fixed wireless technology to deliver blazing fast speeds to urban and rural communities in and around the Southern Tier. Our fixed wireless technology takes advantage of licensed and license-exempt microwave radio frequencies to deliver carrier-quality blazing fast bandwidth to our customers at the lowest cost possible. The network is called "fixed wireless" because both ends are mounted at fixed points with clear airways between them, one on our tower and the other on your home or business. Unlike cellular technology where one device is roaming around with the customer, our fixed wireless system can deliver much faster speeds across longer distances than cell phone technology. Plexicomm's network uses cutting-edge transmitters and receivers to create a superior networking environment over competitors with the satellite or mobile wireless networks. In many cases our network beats out any wired broadband provider like cable or DSL because we don't have to rely on running thousands of miles of copper wire.

Often customers will ask if weather will impact their connection. The answer is that in many instances weather will not impact the connection quality on our network. In some extreme weather events some minor signal degradation can occur but not enough to impact connectivity or degrade speeds to a significant level.

The point-to-point backhaul wireless technology used in connecting Plexicomm's communication towers and network nodes provides the backbone of our network and gives us first-class carrier quality speeds. These speeds rival fiber optic speeds and give us a competitive edge over wired providers and traditional telecomm companies who have abandoned infrastructure advancements in our communities.

Learn more about how Plexicomm's network works by reading about a typical installation.