Login Options

Before you login to Webmail you may have noticed there are a couple options at the bottom. The language option, which by default will display 'English', will change the language used for text labels within the Webmail program, however any e-Mail sent to you will remain in the language they were written.

The second option says 'Desktop'. This is the interface control option. You will see there are also options for 'Tablet' and 'Mobile'. Some tablet and mobile devices are not capable of displaying every feature of our Webmail client. The Desktop option is considered the 'Advanced View'. All of our instructions here will be directed towards customers using the Desktop view. If you are having an issue using the Webmail client in a different view mode please contact technical support for assistance.

If you find that you cannot login to Webmail, cannot view e-Mails or get a blank white window after logging in, you may want to consider switching to 'Table' or 'Mobile' view mode.