No Contracts

There is no contract for Plexicomm Internet and Phone services*. We want our customers to feel like they're a valued client and not just a number, someone whose value we've simply locked in for a year or two and can forget about. Our commitment is to service and we want our customers to know they're valuable to us as customers, not as numbers!

No Hassel

Our technicians do a full site inspection and will go over the necessary installation location with you before installing any hardware. We guarantee our installers will do a clean and efficient job installing your services. If you need to move or want to cancel the service our technicians will come to you to remove all of our hardware and pick up any remaining equipment at no extra charge. No need to haul equipment to our office location yourself!

No Hidden Fees

Plexicomm's Internet services are a flat fee and the promotional prices and standard prices are available on our Residential Services and Compare and Save pages. There are no taxes or fees added on to the Internet service. The VoIP phone lines are provided for a standard fee and have small state taxes and federal fees attached ($4 as of December, 2012) that are clearly stated on your bill.

No Cancellation Fees

You can cancel your Plexicomm service at any time with no penalty or fees attached! We'll even come pick up the equipment from your house!

30-day 100% Money-back Guarantee

Not satisfied with the service? Life throw a sudden curveball your way and you need to cancel? No Problem! If you cancel for ANY REASON within the first 30-days of service we will refund 100% of any installation fees, phone port fees or monthly payments you'd made up until that point --- and we'll STILL come and pick up the equipment!

Services from DISH may include a contract and additional fees. Those services are billed through DISH Network.