Are you tired of paying outrageous service fees for low quality connections to the DSL, cable and cellular companies? These "traditional" Internet service providers have all but abandoned their customers and their own copper-wire infrastructure and the prospect of getting serious fiber connections in the Southern Tier is still a pipe dream. These companies have no problem taking your money, raising your rates, and doing nothing to improve the quality of service or speeds in our area.

Lowest Price Standard Package

  • Plexicomm Standard (10Mbps) = $34.99
  • DSL Service (500k-1Mpbs) = $34.99
  • Cable Internet (10Mbps) = $49.95
  • Local DSL Company (6Mbps) = $49.99
  • Satellite (5Mpbs, 10GB Data Cap) = $49.99

Many of these companies that typically hold regional monopolies over wired infrastructure are now experimenting with usage caps and bandwidth limits as a way to squeeze consumers even more!

It's time for you to fight back! You can take control of your Internet service and Plexicomm can help! Our state-of-the-art next-generation wireless network allows us to link our data centers, telecommunications towers and YOUR home or business to an ultra-fast link to the World Wide Web!

Fastest Speeds in the Area

  • DSL Service (7.1Mbps - 15Mbps) = $44.99
  • Satellite (10Mbps, 30GB Data Cap) = $79.99
  • Cable Internet (20Mbps) = $64.94
  • Local DSL Company (25Mbps) = $69.99
  • Plexicomm Turbo (30Mpbs) = $54.99

Not only is our network faster and more reliable than our competitors but the modular, wireless infrastructure allows us to rapidly deploy system upgrades that will bring even greater speeds to our area!

Plexicomm is a locally-owned business based right here in the Southern Tier. Our owners and staff grew up in and around Binghamton and Owego. We are dedicated to seeing this region develop, grow, and reach farther into the next era of modern technology to put us back on the map as a technologically advanced area in upstate NY! We'd love to have you and your Internet experience grow along with us! So stop being a slave to old technology and monopoly-holding mega corporations and sign up today!!!