Think for a moment, have you ever:

  •  Experienced ever-increasing monthly fees with your current internet services provider?
  •  Gotten surprised by a large bill after the promotional rate has ended or the data cap has been exceeded?
  •  Had your internet connection become problematic just when you seem to need it most?
  •  Felt like great customer service has become an afterthought?

You are not alone. Plexicomm understands, and is driven by these simple points to provide a superior service. Our owners and staff have grown up in the Binghamton area, and we sincerely hope you will consider us for your internet and other communication services.

And the numbers don't lie, there's no better time than now to say "no thanks" to the mega-corporations and make the risk-free switch to a local company.

Lowest Price Standard Package

  •   Plexicomm Standard (10Mbps) = $34.99
  •   DSL Service (500k-1Mpbs) = $34.99
  •   Cable Internet (10Mbps) = $49.95
  •   Local DSL Company (6Mbps) = $49.99
  •   Satellite (5Mpbs, 10GB Data Cap) = $49.99

Fastest Speeds in the Area

  •   DSL Service (7.1Mbps - 15Mbps) = $44.99
  •   Satellite (10Mbps, 30GB Data Cap) = $79.99
  •   Cable Internet (20Mbps) = $64.94
  •   Local DSL Company (25Mbps) = $69.99
  •   Plexicomm Turbo (30Mpbs) = $54.99

We are continually upgrading and expanding our wireless infrastructure. Its state-of-the-art modular design allows us to rapidly deploy system upgrades and proactively detect problems using advanced diagnostics. Simply put, this translates to a faster and more reliable internet experience.